Data intelligence for media and entertainment

Digital transformation is putting increasing pressure on media businesses as they need to act faster and smarter. Integrate your data across departments to reduce data silos, enable data-driven business decision making and handle spike events smoothly with Accurity.

Attain a 360° view of all your content and metadata

Integrate and manage your data with the Accurity platform. Visualize your data assets and connections, create business lineage, and harmonize your data ready for analytics, personalization, and monetization purposes.

Structure data, metadata, and systems across independent divisions and fragmented data silos inducing centrally coordinated data governance. Regularize data from different formats, in volume, and at speed such as spike events.

Leverage accurate data to make vital business decisions around scheduling, bundling, and price including targeted advertising where needed.

Overall data management for the digital media industry

ZDF Studios needed a maintainable system to handle all metadata fields across various systems and data models.


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Benefits of Accurity for media and entertainment

Media Asset Management

Work with huge amounts of content, data, and metadata. It's always important to understand the metadata model first before embarking on major data projects.

Refine ad targeting

Use advanced analytics and data insights to be able to show ads based on households, viewing habits, device, platform, location/country, time of year, time of day, gender, age range, etc.

Fine-tune recommendations

Enhance your customer experience by recommending personalized products and offers your customers want to see and buy.

Reduce customer churn

Identify your best customers and factors that make them loyal or make them leave. Predict customer lifetime value (CLV, CLTV or LTV) to be able to estimate net profit in the future.

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Accurity has you covered

Defining business term "Active Customer" | Screenshot | Accurity data intelligence software platform | Business Glossary and Data Catalog solution

Business glossary harmonization

Consolidate your company-wide terminology across departments and get everyone on the same page. Create a Business Data Model (BDM) and harmonize data across independent divisions and fragmented data silos.

An organized inventory of company data assets including data structures and elements | Screenshot | Accurity data intelligence software platform | Business Glossary and Data Catalog solution

Data catalog

Get a complete and easy-to-share organized inventory of company-data assets, including data structures and elements across all layers of your architecture. With data being generated from devices ranging from smart TVs, TV sticks, set-top boxes (STBs), computers, smart phones, tablets, to all manner of Internet of Things (IoT) this is a smart way of visualizing your data assets and their connection to your various systems.

Data Management

Accurity is easy to get started with and is scalable. It handles metadata and starts the fundamental process of being able to use quality data for analytics. Possibilities include improving services, refining recommendations, finetuning ad targeting, monetizing your content, streamlining operations, lowering costs, and assisting with complex licensing and contracts.

Professional Services

With our 12+ years of experience, expertise, and knowledge Simplity can partner with you at any stage of your organization's data intelligence project, large or small, from initial integration, structure, and modelling phases to analytics, customer loyalty, revenue improvements, cost reductions, or compliance.

What our customers think

We’ve done a lot of research finding a product that is able to solve one of our media industries’ biggest pain points: Efficient metadata handling across various systems and databases. These folks from Simplity have just nailed it with Accurity. Happy working with their experienced staff to ramp up the foundation of our digital supply chain."

Simon Zsebök

VP Digital Innovation

Want to see Accurity demo?

Get to know Accurity with an introduction from our product experts.