All-in-one platform for business data intelligence

The Accurity platform offers comprehensive data intelligence software, which covers data harmonization, data quality, and ensures integrated data management across systems.

Clearer understanding

Get a clearer understanding of requirements with a lower dependence on IT.

Faster time-to-market

Speed up technical realization and improve your time-to market.

Documented definitions

Document data definitions and flows – from scratch or re-engineered from IT systems.

Better data quality

Drive data quality and ensure proper data usage.

Greater efficiency

Cover all your metadata management needs in just one platform.

Defining the business term "Active Customer" | Screenshot | Accurity data intelligence software platform | Business Glossary and Data Catalog solution

Provide a common language for all parties

Use Accurity Business Glossary & Data Catalog to harmonize data definitions across business areas. Deliver clear requirements to IT, consistent test cases, and minimize change requests. Ensure end-to-end data traceability from reports back to the original data source by maintaining metadata.

Data quality interactive dashboards | Screenshot | Accurity data intelligence software platform | Data Quality and Data Observability solution

Maintain data accuracy and reliability

Data quality checks can be performed on-demand or within the data preparation process. Alerts inform who should react and how. Intuitive customizable dashboards allow business users to analyze the issues and check the available data. Tightly integrated, data quality rules can be based on the business model in Accurity.

Defining a validation rule | Screenshot | Accurity data intelligence software platform | Reference Data Management solution

Keep codes and mapping lists consistent

Maintain actual and valid company-wide shared lists of values. Product codes, bank codes, classification hierarchies, etc. are all maintained in one place and are based on the business definitions set in the Accurity business glossary. Versioning and auditing ensure traceability and transparency of reporting results.


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