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Includes all services from the Professional plan, plus:​ 
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Starter support
Professional support
Premium support
Access to our support desk
Includes all services from the Starter plan, plus:
Includes all services from the Professional plan, plus:​ 
Can create defect
2 hours of online training
8 hours of the advanced training​ 
Can define feature​
Can affect roadmap​
Guaranteed first-time response​ 
Access to user guides
Defects fixed in the next release or future release depending on priority of defect​
Upgrades available
Possible hotfixes​
Guaranteed support hours and days

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Business process lineage
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Technical data mappings
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Extension of object count limits
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Add-on type
Business process lineage
Applicable for
Professional and Premium plans
Discounted price for the add-on, for a year
Add-on type
Applicable for
All business plans
Discounted price for the add-on, for a year
Add-on type
Technical data mappings
Applicable for
Professional plan
Discounted price for the add-on, for a year
Add-on type
Extension of object count limits
Applicable for
All business plans
Discounted price for the add-on, for a year
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Pricing FAQ

Accurity Platform & Deployment

What Accurity solutions are there?
What deployment options are available?

We have multiple deployment options including standalone, on-premises server application, containerized application, and a flexible, customizable SaaS.

Where can I find more in-depth information about Accurity’s features?

You can read all about the Accurity platform features and you can see what is coming next on our development roadmap. We are constantly improving Accurity. We also post feature tutorial videos on YouTube and we regularly post latest features overview blog posts on our website. You can schedule a free, personalized 1-on-1 demo with us to see the features you are most interested in, in more detail.

Does Accurity integrate with third-party software?

Accurity has REST API, which is very well documented in Swagger. Whenever you want to integrate with some third-party solution, you can do it via this layer. Where additional work might be needed to get this to work, do not hesitate to contact us as we might be able to include it in our development roadmap.

Can I try the Accurity SaaS with sample data rather than uploading my own data?

Yes. At the time of signing up you can tick the box for “Start with sample data”, or once you are logged in, go to your account (top right) > Application Settings > General (on the left) and click the “USE SAMPLE DATA” button.

If I use the sample data, can I easily remove it later and replace it with my own data?

Yes. Once you are logged in, go to your account (person icon in the top right) > Application Settings > General (on the left) and click the “CLEAR ALL DATA” button. Then, export template for import for each object type list, fill it with your data and then import these filled templates.

Is there a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Each business plan has a different support level. All levels include basic support which is access to the online help manual plus the Accurity Support Desk to create tickets for help, reporting defects, or requesting a new feature. Higher business plans also include dedicated support and maintenance.

What is the service availability for the SaaS version?

We aim for a minimum of 99% uptime.

Accurity SaaS Security & Privacy

If I use my own data, will it be private, safe, and secure?

Yes. All data is stored compliant with all standards concerning security. You can read our security policy online (PDF).

Are my data/network communications with Accurity SaaS encrypted in transit?

Yes. We use internet standard encryption methods to secure all data in transit to/from our servers.

Is all my data that I might upload encrypted within the Accurity SaaS environment?

Yes, all data is encrypted.

Where (which country/region) is my data stored?

Prague, Czech Republic, European Union.

What happens to my data after I cancel my subscription / close my account?

All your data is removed without any backup. We suggest you backup/export your data before you cancel your subscription / close your account. Backing up/exporting your data is covered in the user guide, in the Export and Import chapter.

Business Plan Definitions

What is a business glossary?

Provides a common language for all users in an organization. It helps you to structure business requirements, facilitate the harmonization of data definitions, and capture all relevant metadata.

What are requirements?

They define requirements that your data should follow. It starts the whole modelling journey. As a requirement you might have a report which is creating a demand for metrics definition. With these requirements you can see which report contains which metrics and how they are calculated.

What are business terms?

The smallest part of the business model. They allow the definition of what your company works with and what metrics, definitions, ontologies are used.

What are business terms relation types?

You can define relation types between business terms using one of six relation types: child/parent of, related to, replaces, calculated from, synonym of, or contains. They can also be visualized in a business terms relation map.

What are business terms reference values?

Searchable reference values for your business terms. They allow the creation of a list of values that an appropriate business term can have. As an example, you can name a business term “Age Group” which has the reference values of youth, adult, and retired.

What is a business terms relations diagram?

A visualization of business term relations. It is represented in the form of a tree with three levels.

What is the browser dictionary?

It is a web browser tool that we developed for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, that enables scanning of websites against defined business terms – you can scan any web application/page for business terms and instantly see the approved definition as stored in your business glossary.

What are business terms suggestions?

Automated AI suggestions of mappings between business terms and the data catalog. It presents you with possible candidates for matching along with a probability score.

What is a data catalog?

The technical world representing data landscape captured via data assets, data sets, data structures and data fields.

What are data structures?

They represent data in the form of table, view, report, or a file.

What are connectors to data sources?

Connectors enable Accurity to connect to data sources so that: i) metadata can be read and the data catalog can be retrieved directly based on metadata in the appropriate data source, ii) column profiling can be done for data catalog parts, and iii) data quality can be measured.

What is data profiling?

A basic overview on data characteristics which can be calculated for different types of data.

What is a business data lineage diagram?

It is a diagram that captures vertical data lineage, which is visually how business terms are connected to the data catalog.

What are business rules?

They capture data quality rules from a business perspective without the technical implementation needs. A business can define what rules should be fulfilled in the data.

What are general features?

General features are those features that are often found in this type of solution. They may, or may not, be available for all business plans.

What are status values?

Basic objects for defining workflow stages for all types of objects.

What are custom properties?

Properties are what users can define by themselves for whatever object type they wish. Such properties will be immediately visible on object type details and lists.

What are advanced custom properties?

More enhanced functionalities for creating customized fields for all object types, such as newly introduced types like relation connections, date, or numbers.

What is Excel XLS export/import?

You can import/export Microsoft Excel xls and xlsx format documents (or raw csv files).

What are email notifications?

Get notified about updates to objects of interest to you – you will immediately know who changed what and how.

What is commenting?

Comment on objects and cooperate on object definitions with your colleagues. In addition, users with read-only permission can comment objects and thus help with the content creation.

What is version tracking?

Compare versions of object details and see what has been changed, removed, or added and who made the changes.

What is REST API access & documentation in Swagger?

Our REST API support enables third-party applications to connect to Accurity and use Accurity as a single point of truth for managing data, and also, via the API, remotely find, read, modify, or delete elements of Accurity. Documentation is available via Swagger.

What is user management?

The ability to manage users, such as readers and editors, and their permissions.

What is a reader?

A user with read-only permission. Such users can only read the content and create comments on objects.

What is an editor?

A user with create, update, and delete rights for an object type. There are multiple user roles which are recognized as editors.

What is a data catalog allowing multiple data sources?

A data catalog is the technical world representing the data landscape captured via data assets, data sets, data structures and data fields. This data catalog can connect to multiple data sources.

What are data quality rules?

Data quality rules are technical implementations of business defined rules. They check in data, whether the conditions the data should fulfill are followed. They are the basic element of data quality management.

What is data quality rules implementation?

The ability to create your technical quality checks and complex business rules, and also set data quality thresholds.

What are amount based business rules?

Amount based business rules allow you to quantify the poor data quality records against not just a simple count, but against a sum over a chosen column. This allows a threshold in the amount to be set up as well. Such a data quality rule can be then interpreted the following way – if the cost of financial transactions of poor data quality records is not higher than 100,000 USD then it is acceptable regardless of whether the percentage of poor data quality records might be, for example, 90%.

What is integration of data profiling results into business rules?

It is a special type of condition in data quality rules, where a dynamically calculated value can be used. As an example, the price of products in orders cannot exceed the maximum price from the product catalog. The maximum price is not a constant, but a dynamically calculated value.

What is hierarchization of data quality rules?

As there might be thousands of data quality rules, it is important to make groups from them so that they are well structured and organized. Once there are groups, it is possible to create groups from groups, which leads to hierarchization of the data quality rules/groups.

What are basic measurements?

Basic measurements provide you the option for getting basic data profiles so that you can then use them as inputs into your data quality rules.

What is data integrity analysis?

Data integrity analysis is another type of measurement which allows you to compare data from different data structures and evaluate it. The result from such a comparison offers a table of values e.g., matched records/values from both sides, as an absolute or relative numbers. This type of measurement is especially important for migration projects.

What are visualizations?

The ability to create dashboards to gain an overall summary of your data quality from multiple perspectives and also quickly view trends in your data.

What are dashboards?

Dashboards display widgets with data quality measurement results. They are configurable by the user.

What are trend widgets?

Trend widgets visualize the evolution of data quality measurements in a trendline.

What is data exploration over failed records?

When there are poor data quality records, they can be gathered either to an Excel file or uploaded to a specific database, so that the user immediately knows which data to fix in order to get the quality to passed areas.

What is data quality issue tracking?

Data quality issue tracking allows you to create issues based on measured data quality rules so that the data quality failures can be fixed. There are multiple actions possible such as investigation, delegation of the issue to somebody, or forcing a data quality rule status to a different one.

What is a run monitor?

It is a concept in Accurity which stores data about the data quality runs and results such as start time, finish time, duration, measurement execution, who launched the measurements, etc.

What is historical results evolution?

Accurity allows you to check historical results with all details connected to each run. It is also possible to visualize them on trend widgets.

What is a global parametrization?

You can create parameters which can be then used in data structure specifications as well as all measurements.

What is a business data model?

It is a structured way of capturing the business worlds – composed from business entities, attribute definitions, and attributes.

What are entities?

Business elements of a business model.

What are attributes?

Attributes are a part of the business data model. They specify characteristics of entities in the business world.

What is a business model diagram?

It visually captures how the business data model has been prepared.

What are calculated attributes?

They are a business point of view on how business attributes are based on others, with specific calculation rules.

What are business model mappings?

They map the business model against the data catalog. This is the basis for the vertical data lineage.

What are physical data structures over different data sources?

They are what creates an exact picture of the physical implementations of your data in different data sources. These are retrieved metadata from the connections to your data sources such as Oracle, MongoDB, etc.

Business Plans

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up for the SaaS version?

No. You do not need to enter your credit card details to sign up. You can start with our free Starter plan and then if desired, at a later date, let us know which business plan you would like to upgrade to. We will then prepare an appropriate price offer for you.

Will I be charged? How free is “free”?

There is no charge to get started with the Accurity Business Glossary and Data Catalog SaaS version nor with the trial versions of other solutions we offer. You do not need a credit card. The Starter plan is free forever. At the beginning of your trial, you will get even more features than are normally part of the Starter plan so that you can try the wider range of Accurity’s capabilities. After two weeks this version is switched to the Starter plan, which you can keep using for free, forever. However, you should log in at least once a month as an account that is inactive for 30 days or more may be deactivated and removed.

How can I start my free Accurity Business Glossary and Data Catalog SaaS trial? What is required?

All you need to do is enter your name, company name, a valid email address, and create a password or you can quickly and easily sign up using a third-party account e.g., Google or Microsoft. Just use the signup form on this secure signup page.

What happens after I sign up for the Accurity Business Glossary and Data Catalog SaaS version?

Unless you signed up via a third-party account (e.g., Google or Microsoft), you will receive an “email verification” email to the address you used at the time of signing up, asking you to “confirm your registration”. Once you click on the button/link provided in it, your account will be activated, and you will receive a “Welcome to Accurity” email along with an “Accurity Support Desk user activation” email.

How long does the free SaaS Starter plan last?

The Starter plan is free forever (as long as it is actively used – you must login at least once every 30 days).

What happens if I exceed the usage limits of my current plan?

You cannot exceed the limits. The application will not let you exceed them. If you need more, please contact us and together we can tailor the most appropriate business plan for you (the higher business plans contain higher limits). In terms of additional users, we offer additional user seats at a monthly or yearly price – see the respective section of the price list above.

What if I need a plan that is somewhere between the limitations of Starter, Professional, and Premium? Can I have a custom plan?

You can let us know and we can see what your needs are and tailor the plan just for you from your functionality requirements. Plus, we have also prepared special packages of object counts which you can buy from any business plan at any time.

Can I upgrade, downgrade, or switch plans at any time?

We support most types of activities except for downgrades. You cannot downgrade a business plan.

How often can I change my plan during the subscription?

We do not recommend changing your plan often as it could have an impact on your data plus it means changes in the price offer. But we are happy to talk to you about any changes you may need. In terms of additional users, we offer additional user seats at a monthly or yearly price – see the respective section of the price list above.

Business Plan Add-Ons

What is the business process lineage add-on?

This add-on allows you to map business processes and each of their individual process steps onto data assets, entities, and attributes (BDM), and business terms. It is available for the Professional or Premium plans of the Business Glossary and Data Catalog solution or the Business Data Model and Data Catalog solution.

What is the LDAP add-on?

This add-on, for on-premises installations, allows logins to be directly connected to a LDAP server. It is available for all business plans.

What is the technical data mappings add-on?

This add-on documents how data flows between your data sources. It captures data transformations so that you can get an overview of how data moves between parts of your data catalog. It can help you be compliant with regulatory standards that require data transformation tracking. It is available for all solutions that contain Data Catalog.

Pricing & Payment

Are there any setup fees?

There are no setup fees for the Starter, Professional, and Premium plans unless you require help with your on-premises installation from us or our partner.

How can I purchase a business plan subscription?

Just click on contact us, fill out the online contact form requesting the business plan you would like, and we will contact you to arrange an appropriate price offer, contract, or invoice for you. Or you can purchase from one of Accurity’s official partners.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently, we only accept payment via bank (wire) transfer. Our partners may accept alternative payment methods.

When does my subscription start?

On the date that is mutually agree between you and us (or you and our partner) – it is usually stated on official paperwork such as our corresponding Purchase Order and subsequent invoice.

Can I pay monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually?

Payment is annually i.e., you get billed, in advance, once every 12-month subscription period. We (or our partner) will automatically send you an invoice to continue your subscription one month prior to the end of each 12-month period, and the subscription will be renewed once you pay it. If you do not want to go directly to an annual payment subscription, we offer a Proof-of-Concept (POC) package.

What are the payment terms?

Our payment terms are 14 days from the receipt of the invoice (but you can start using your business plan straight away). If you do not pay within the 14 days, your subscription and access/license will be cancelled. Our partners may offer different payment terms.

What currency can I pay in?

You can pay in US Dollars (USD - $). We do also accept payments in Euros (EUR - €) but, in this case, we apply a 1:1 exchange rate i.e., you pay the same amount in Euros. Our partners may accept alternative currencies.

Do you charge sales tax/VAT?

No sales tax will be applied by us. If we issue the invoice, VAT will be applied as per European Union legislation as we are an EU registered company. Companies registered within the EU will be charged VAT, companies registered outside the EU will not be charged VAT.

What happens when I want to increase the number of users or purchase special packages of increased object counts?

In terms of additional users, we offer additional user seats at a monthly or yearly price – see the respective section of the price list above. As for the object counts, a monthly price for these changes will be agreed by you and us (or you and our partner) – these additional costs will be prorated from the day activated until the next renewal date for the purpose of issuing a single additional invoice to cover this period. This additional invoice will be issued on the date of activation (with the usual payment terms of 14 days from the receipt of the invoice if it is our invoice). Upon the next renewal date these agreed additional costs will be added to and rolled into the following subscription year’s renewal invoice.

Cancellations & Refunds

What is your cancellation policy?

Our subscription service is on a pre-paid basis i.e., you can cancel at any time but there will be no refund.


Is there any support with the free Starter plan?

Yes. You get software updates, access to the online user guide and the Accurity Support Desk to create tickets for help, reporting defects, or requesting a new feature. Please see more in our Support and Maintenance overview (PDF).

What support comes with the Professional plan?

You get all the support included in the Starter plan plus the opportunity for two hours of online training and your feature requests can affect the development roadmap. Please see more in our Support and Maintenance overview (PDF).

What support comes with the Premium plan?

You get all the support included in the Professional plan with the opportunity for training on your specific use case for one person day plus prioritized defect fixes, possible hotfixes for major defects, and also requested features can alter our development roadmap. Support assistance will be available via the Accurity Support Desk plus telephone, email, and/or the internet e.g., web meetings. Please see more in our Support and Maintenance overview (PDF).

What support comes with the Custom plan?

Your support is tailored exactly to your requirements. There is the opportunity to have a defect fix Service Level Agreement (SLA), extended support hours, a dedicated support contact, and/or an individual training plan including a success manager. Please see more in our Support and Maintenance overview (PDF).

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We’ve done a lot of research finding a product that is able to solve one of our media industries’ biggest pain points: Efficient metadata handling across various systems and databases. These folks from Simplity have just nailed it with Accurity. Happy working with their experienced staff to ramp up the foundation of our digital supply chain.

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