Making Data Intelligence Simpler

The easiest way to define, monitor, and maintain your data across your organization.


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With Accurity, the all-in-one data intelligence platform, you get company-wide understanding and complete trust in your data — speed up business-critical decision making, increase your revenue, reduce your costs, and ensure your company’s data compliance.

Unlock the real value in your data

Improved customer experience

Equipped with timely, relevant, and accurate data, you can successfully satisfy and engage with your customers, elevating your brand awareness and driving sales conversions.

Decreased operational costs

With everything accessible from a single interface, automated quality checks, and data quality issue workflows, you can lower personnel and infrastructure costs, and spend time utilizing your data rather than just managing it.

Increased efficiency and innovation

Discover real value in your data by revealing and removing inefficiencies, improving your decision-making processes, and finding valuable product and customer information to boost your company’s innovation.

Reduced risk of non-compliance

Define, monitor, and maintain your data simply and efficiently, helping to ensure you comply with all applicable data regulations and allowing you to make business-critical decisions based on accurate, trustworthy data.

Offering the right solutions for your needs

Data catalog and business glossary

Get all departments on the same page with consistent documented business terminology and capture all business requirements and their related metadata in a structured and consistent Business Data Model (BDM).


Model-driven DWH development and automation

By using metadata definitions, automatically derive your technical specifications for your DWH implementation based on clearly defined and mapped business data requirements.


Data-driven business process visualization

Enhance your understanding of how processes are related to your data assets and business terms.


Data quality monitoring

Learn to trust your data and know how to use it to optimize business processes more effectively.


Reference data management

Prevent regulatory non-compliance by utilizing company-wide standardized reference values.


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