Accurity SaaS Platform Latest Features Overview – Winter 2022

Graham Needham
April 21, 2022 | 7 min read
As we leave the winter cold, snow, and ice behind us, we present a quick overview of some of the features that have been added to our Accurity SaaS data intelligence platform, along with a sneak peek at some of the new features planned for the future. Since we launched Accurity we keep on improving the software to match our customers’ needs better. Let’s see what we added recently…

Accurity supports multiple solutions across the entire project life cycle from the definition of data requirements to data quality checks by data stewards. The Accurity SaaS data intelligence platform has a free Starter plan so there is nothing preventing you from trying it out right now. Here are some of the new features we have added in the last few months:

Business model diagrams

We introduced one of the most functional, easy-to-use business data model (BDM) diagram viewers for business users. The problem of models being described in text alone that are incomprehensible to regular business users has now been solved and this feature is integrated directly into the base tool, without the need to use any external software.

You can generate a visual diagram of a BDM based on a selection of entities made by the user – this diagram is interactive, and its visual layout is fully adjustable with individual elements of every diagram being clickable, and they can be used as navigation points to move across the objects of the BDM.

This feature is included in the Premium or Custom plans of the Business Data Model and Data Catalog solution.

Third party authentication

With this update Accurity now allows users to log in to their instances using either a Microsoft or Google account. And, specifically for our on-premises installations, you can now directly connect the log in to your LDAP server.

Microsoft Edge browser dictionary add-on

Access your business terms from within any web application/page with direct links to your business glossary to see the detailed information. Are you working with multiple web applications and sites where terminology related to your business is used? Do you need to cross-check company approved definitions of terms used in those web applications? Do you want to know what the metrics used on your report mean in a fast way?

With our new browser dictionary add-on for the Microsoft Edge web browser, you can scan any web application/page for business terms and instantly see the approved definition as stored in your business glossary. It is available as a simple, free download from the Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store.

How it works: download and install the add-on to your browser, scan the page and see each word that is named the same way as the business terms defined in your business glossary. Results will be highlighted and if you hover over them, you will also get a tooltip – a description of the term retrieved from the business glossary. You can click the tooltip, which will open a new browser tab/window with the detail from your business glossary of the business term that was highlighted on the website.

Our latest feature tutorial videos

At the end of 2021, just before winter set in, we revamped our Accurity YouTube channel and are posting new feature tutorial guide videos on it. Subscribe to our channel now and you will be the first to see the new tutorial videos and learn all about Accurity’s features.

The good stuff coming soon…

We have many more new features planned and here are some we’re really excited to tell you about:

Automatic data profiling

Profile your data of interest in just a few clicks. You will be able to automatically get data profiling characteristics, in a graphical way, without any need to write some measurement criteria. This feature will be included in the Premium plan of the Business Glossary and Data Catalog solution.

Process diagrams

Have you always wanted to visualize how you have connected processes to data assets, or how your entities and attributes work with these connections? Well, this forthcoming feature will do just that. It will be included in the Premium plan or higher of the Business Data Model and Data Catalog solution.

Data catalog synchronization

Synchronize your metadata from a connected data source with your Accurity data catalog. You will be able to create data structures, including their data fields, with one click. This feature will be included in the Premium plan or higher of the Business Glossary and Data Catalog solution.

My page

We plan to enable you to personalize your account page to show the things that you are the most interested in. Configuration options will include your tasks, objects of your responsibility, or high-level charts of the application’s usage.

Register via third party account

Soon you will be able to register a new account for our Business Glossary and Data Catalog solution using third party accounts e.g., a Microsoft or Google account. This will streamline the process for getting signed up to our SaaS.

Accurity ISO certifications

We are pleased to announce our continued ISO certifications of ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System). These show our commitment to meeting the requirements of the ISO standard and audit, ensuring our software products offer world-class specifications and quality.

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) certificate badges | Accurity data intelligence software platform

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Graham Needham
Content Editor