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Business Glossary

Business Model

Define your business model according to more enhanced methodics and structure your business terms to business entities and attributes. Use the inheritance concept and save lots of time.

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Business Glossary

Business Term Relation Types

Define the types of relations between business terms and get the chance to say what is parent/child, which consist of something or if it is just simple "related to" type.

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Business Glossary

Business Model Diagram

Display your defined business model elements and their relations in a graphical way.

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Business Glossary

Calculated Attributes

Capture traceability between your attributes and say, for example, which attributes are calculated from others.

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Business Glossary


Start your business model properly by defining your requirements. Then keep track of the connection to your business attributes.

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Business Glossary

Data Assets

Capture your IT environment as the first (main) part of your data catalog. Create hierarchies among IT systems and link your data sets to the defined data assets.

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Business Glossary

Data Mappings

Define how your business model elements are mapped to your data catalog. Specify criteria for limiting the data set of interest or even create views directly in the business glossary needed for such mappings.

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Business Glossary

Automatic Data Profiling

Profile your data of interest in just a few clicks. Get data profiling characteristics in a graphical way automatically without any need to write some measurement criteria.

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Process visualization


Start your data lineage from business processes and know the exact impact on your systems and business model.

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