Accurity SaaS Platform Latest Features Overview – Summer 2021

Graham Needham
October 6, 2021 | 5 min read
Since we launched the Accurity SaaS data intelligence platform, we keep on improving the software to match our customers’ needs better. Here we present a quick overview of some of the features that have been added recently.

Accurity supports multiple solutions across the entire project life cycle from the definition of data requirements to data quality checks by data stewards. The Accurity data intelligence platform SaaS also now has a free Starter plan. Here are some of the new features we’ve added:


This feature helps you keep track of the reasons your business terms exist by capturing your initial data requirements and linking them to your business data model (BDM). Because it allows you to connect each business term to a defined requirement, you can always be sure whether a term’s definition is correct from a regulatory or business standpoint. Requirements can also be connected to attributes in your BDM, so there can be no doubt as to why certain parts of your business data model are connected. This feature is included in the Professional plan or higher of the Business Glossary and Data Catalog solution or the Business Data Model and Data Catalog solution.

With all requirements kept in one place, just one click away from your business glossary and BDM, there will be no more remembering internal directives, no more uncertainty over correctness of definitions, only clear comprehensible requirements.

Relation types

This feature can connect individual business terms in ways that accurately represent your business. This accuracy is then projected into your company’s data governance. You can sort your business terms into parent-child hierarchies, declare which terms contain other terms in real life, or define which terms represent values other term is calculated from. Or simply tell other users which business terms are related.

Easily define relation types between business terms using one of six relation types: child/parent of, related to, replaces, calculated from, synonym of, or contains. This enables you to describe how your business terms are related to each other.

View our new Feature Tutorial video all about this feature on YouTube.

Data assets

At the highest level of your data catalog, this new feature allows you to define hierarchal data assets and link data sets to them. Data assets can be a system or application output file, database, document, or web page, or whatever you want to recognize as a group of data sets. This enables you to get to know your data via a representation of IT landscapes, systems, databases, applications, etc.

In addition, your connected data sources are now set at the data set level instead of the data structure level and as per our earlier new feature you can, of course, connect your Oracle, MS SQL, Teradata, PostgreSQL, or Excel databases straight to business glossary.

Calculated attributes

Our Business Data Model and Data Catalog solution just got expanded with a new calculated attributes feature. This allows you to connect attributes of your BDM in ways that represent how your business works. You can define their relationships as an equation and accurately establish their dependencies on one another.

This is also useful in database development. By defining calculations in your BDM, calculated attributes provide clear traceability for future calculations implemented in physical databases. This way, users will always know how, and why, a data field is calculated the way it is.

Business model mappings

The new business model mapping feature of our Business Data Model and Data Catalog solution allows business users to track their objects of interest, by connecting their business data model with all implementation layers. This enables clear lineage for business and accelerates technical specification and development.

Map entities to data structures, attributes to data fields of your data catalog. Clearly define selection and join operations to make the mapping precise and comprehensive. This way, you will always know how underlying business needs project into your data.

New feature tutorial videos

We have revamped the Accurity YouTube channel and are now posting new feature tutorial guide videos on it. Subscribe to our channel now and you’ll be the first to see the new tutorial videos and learn all about Accurity’s features.

Development roadmap

There are many more features planned - see the planned new features on our dedicated roadmap page. Do you have ideas for what else you would like to see, or do you have any feedback on the current features? Feel free to reach out to us - we are always happy to discuss any and all ideas.

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Graham Needham
Content Editor