Accurity SaaS Platform Latest Features Overview – Spring 2022

Graham Needham
July 7, 2022 | 6 min read
Spring has sprung and summer is rapidly approaching. Before you go on vacation, we present a quick read of some of the features that have been added to our Accurity SaaS data intelligence platform recently.

The ever-changing world of data is a founding belief of Accurity – we listen to customers and adapt. For example, we recently built, tested, and deployed two new data connectors for BigQuery and MongoDB in 24 hours.

Let’s breakdown what features we added recently…

User interface enhancements

We’re excited to inform you that we’ve listened to our user’s feedback and, also in line with our brand, we have made several user interface enhancements. These tweaks include an updated color scheme, font, and the redesign of several graphical elements – all making our easy-to-use software even easier to use. We hope you like our new look.

Register via third party account

Accurity supports multiple solutions across the entire project life cycle from the definition of data requirements to data quality checks by data stewards. We have streamlined the process for signing up to our free SaaS Starter plan because you can now register a new account using third party accounts such as Microsoft or Google.

Data profiling

This feature allows users to tap into real data from the data field level of the data catalog and display statistical information (data profile) about them. You can then use the information gained from this data profile as an inspiration when creating rules for measuring data quality. Technical users will also benefit from gaining knowledge of what data is actually being stored in columns of tables, whose metadata is captured in the data catalog. This feature is included in the Premium or Custom plans of the Business Glossary and Data Catalog solution.

Bulk updates

When working with metadata representations of vast amounts of data objects in a dynamic and developing IT infrastructure, there are always going to be changes that will need to be applied to many objects at once.

You can save time, and the associated cost of, making these bulk changes with this new feature that now enables you to make a change, or an update, once and apply it to any number of objects simultaneously. Currently available actions include:

  • adding or removing tags present in the whole selection

  • turning on and off notifications for the whole selection

  • deleting the selection

Over time we plan to extend the range of bulk actions that you can perform with this feature.

Process diagrams

Have you always wanted to visualize how you have connected processes to data assets, or how your entities and attributes work with these connections? You can now get a visual diagram (process map) of data lineage between business processes and the data catalog based on the perspective of your company’s data that is important to the user e.g., processes, data assets, business terms, entities, or attributes.

For instance, it can be a top-down, high-level perspective for business users that need to utilize a model-centric/business-centric approach to impact analysis.

The process diagrams feature is a part of the Business Process Lineage add-on. This is an optional add-on for either the Business Glossary and Data Catalog or the Business Data Model and Data Catalog solutions.

Business term relationship diagrams

This new feature enables you to get a visualization of traceability that helps you to understand the logic of metric calculation. This diagram, similar to data lineage, presents a tree that looks beyond the relationship of two business terms via a third layer.

It provides a more business friendly, graphic form of overview and a way of navigating and gaining insights into the business glossary, allowing for visualizations describing the exact nature of the relationship between business term objects according to their connections maintained either in the description box through reference chips, or in the relationships section.

This feature is included in the Premium plan or higher of the Business Glossary and Data Catalog solution.

PDF export

All graphical features in Accurity can now be exported to a PDF. This includes data profiles, business data lineage diagrams, business model diagrams and, in fact, any and all diagrams in Accurity.

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Graham Needham
Content Editor