Business data model and data catalog

Accelerate your enterprise data projects with a model clear enough to serve as a glossary for departments and formal enough to support implementation in IT.

Deliver enterprise data projects faster with business and IT on board

When starting your data projects, you do not need to rely on disconnected spreadsheets or mind maps.

Accurity provides a streamlined approach to mapping technical objects such as customers, products, transactions, and more. By using a comprehensive model that is shared and agreed upon by all departments involved, Accurity ensures technical objects are precisely defined and consistently maintained.

This improves the traceability and consistency of data requirements and enhances data quality throughout the entire life cycle. With all parties involved on the same page, implementation speed is significantly increased, leading to reduced costs and more efficient project execution.

Cornerstone of data governance initiative

BRD implemented a central management application for storing all business data definitions with all required metadata and links to the physical location of the data.


Improve trust in your data and attain regulatory compliance while delivering efficiency and reducing costs

Attain trusted business reporting

Utilize business understanding and their high-level requirements to define terms and scope that can help technical teams design infrastructure leading to better results and reports that can be trusted.

Accelerate development and save money

Fast-track the development and implementation of your data projects for better efficiency and cost savings.

Future-proof for growth and scalability

Allow the broad usability of your data stack by designing it for future growth. Eliminate reporting duplications by harmonizing requirements across departments and data sources.

Achieve regulatory compliance

Empower your teams to exercise greater control over data, including managing sensitive information and consent. We help support data governance initiatives that meet regulatory requirements, such as BCBS 239, CCAR, Liquidity 5G, or ISO 20022.

An authoritative business data modelling solution for your enterprise

Business data model

Define your organization-specific harmonized business data model in terms of entities, attributes, and attribute definitions, and get a contextual, focused visualization of your business data model. Use our automation in it.

An organized inventory of company data assets including data structures and elements | Screenshot | Accurity data intelligence software platform | Business Glossary and Data Catalog solution

Data catalog

Get a complete, easy-to-share, organized inventory of company data assets across all layers of your architecture, including data structures and elements. Profile the data over the data catalog to see the most important characteristics.


Start defining your business data model from the very beginning and systematically gather requirements that are the basis for all business model parts.

Data lineage and traceability

Understand how data is calculated and processed, how the data flows throughout the company, and analyze reports and processes that are affected by missing data or data changes.

Business rules

Create structured business rules to bridge relationships between your business glossary and data catalog and the Data Quality & Data Observability solution by defining data quality rules, top-down, without the need to know the technical specifics of your data sources.

What our customers think

Accurity Glossary is the cornerstone of our Data Governance strategy. It is helping to disseminate the data governance culture throughout BRD pushing people to think about data quality, trustability, definitions, and usability."

Daniel Marin

Chief Data Officer