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Elevate Your Data Insights with Enhanced Visualizations and New Connectors

Dana Tousova
August 18, 2023 | 6 min read
In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, the quest for clarity and control has never been more paramount. Introducing the Accurity release 1.20 – our leap forward in data lineage visualization, designed to empower you with improved insights and capabilities. We are also thrilled to announce the introduction of new connectors, further expanding the horizons of Accurity's capabilities.

Enhanced data lineage for Business glossary and data catalog

Accurity 1.20 introduces enhancements to Accurity Business glossary and data catalog, empowering you to take control of your data lineage like never before. Professionals can now specify reference types for "referenced business terms" on data structures and data fields, with these types visible on the lineage diagram itself. This advancement allows you to delve deeper into your business data lineage, revealing new types of relationships between the technical and business domains.

Imagine being able to pinpoint exactly how your technical and business worlds intersect. With this update, you can. Whether you're mapping out simple relationships or intricately defining complex dependencies, Accurity's new features give you the power to be more specific and accurate in defining your business data lineage. No more guesswork – just crystal-clear connections.

Image 1: Business data lineage relations

Advance your Accurity Business data model and data catalog

Our commitment to providing you with the enriched data lineage tools continues with the Accurity 1.20 update also for the Accurity Business data model and data catalog solution. Technical analysts now have the ability to update existing business model mappings, allowing for a seamless transition from data catalog to business data model. This means you can now use the technical area as a blueprint to shape your business landscape, effortlessly defining mappings that make sense for your organization.

But that's not all – Accurity 1.20 also introduces business model lineage diagrams, offering a visually improved representation of how your entities and attributes interact with your data catalog. Now, you can enjoy a comprehensive view of your data lineage modeling efforts, displaying your mappings in a clean and intuitive diagram. No more sifting through complex lists – let Accurity bring your data lineage to life.

Image 2: Business model lineage diagram

Seamless integration, limitless insights: the Snowflake and Vertica connectors

Experience the convenience of newly introduced connectors designed specifically for Snowflake and Vertica databases. Establish business data lineage from the data catalog created over Snowflake and Vertica to your business glossary or business data model.

With the integration of Snowflake and Vertica databases, Accurity brings advanced data profiling capabilities to the forefront. Leverage these technologies to gain deeper insights into your data ecosystem. Additionally, Accurity's automated processes generate comprehensive data profiles in Snowflake and Vertica, ensuring a hassle-free approach to data analysis.

Refined technical data lineage diagram: an add-on to data catalog

Accurity introduces yet another enhancement to its data catalog – an improved technical data lineage diagram as an add-on to its data catalog. With the addition of technical data lineage, now viewable in diagram format, accessing detailed visual representations is effortless. These diagrams integrate with automated technical data lineage tools, providing a comprehensive overview of your data ecosystem right within Accurity. Visualize, analyze, and comprehend your documented technical data lineage like never before, gaining valuable insights into how data flows within your systems.

Experience the power of Accurity's enriched technical data lineage diagram feature, as evidenced by the accompanying screenshot (see image below). Elevate your data management strategy by seamlessly integrating accurate and detailed data lineage visualizations into your workflow.

Image 3: Technical data lineage diagram

Embrace the Future of Data Mastery with Accurity 1.20

Discover the potential of data lineage with Accurity 1.20. Uniting business glossaries, data catalogs, business data models, and technical data lineage, this release signifies a pivotal advancement in clarity and insights. Each lineage diagram is a gateway to deeper understanding, empowering your organization with the informed decisions and visionary insights needed to stay ahead.

As we chart the course to data excellence, Accurity continues to evolve. Our development roadmap promises even more innovative features designed to amplify your data lineage capabilities. To explore the full spectrum of Accurity platform capabilities, visit our All Features page.

Are you ready to dive in and experience the power of Accurity firsthand? Start building your Business glossary and data catalog for free today, or request a demo to witness the transformative impact on your data management strategy.

*Note: The features and screenshots mentioned above are based on Accurity Release 1.20 as of the time of writing. For the latest updates and information, please refer to the official Accurity documentation.

Dana Tousova
VP Marketing

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