Accurity Integrates Its Data Quality Solution with Snowflake

Dana Tousova
August 9, 2023 | 5 min read
Introducing Accurity's latest release, offering seamless integration with Snowflake and empowering businesses with automated data quality management. Take control of your data quality over Snowflake, ensuring proactive monitoring and trend analysis

Are you seeking a reliable and efficient solution to manage data quality and ensure data observability within your Snowflake environment? Look no further! Accurity Data Quality & Data Observability solution has just launched a new release that brings enhanced features and seamless integration with Snowflake, enabling businesses to maintain well-described and governed data from a business perspective, while also providing critical insights into data quality.

Control your data quality over Snowflake

With Accurity's latest update, you can now initiate automated monitoring of your data stored in Snowflake. Stay ahead of the game by checking trends in your data quality and detecting any major issues before they become unmanageable. This proactive approach ensures that your data quality remains consistently high, minimizing the risk of potential data-related disasters.

Understand the data quality in your Snowflake repository

Preparing customized data quality rules and integrity checks for new data-intensive projects has never been easier. Accurity lets you view data quality dashboards instantly, allowing you to assess the quality of your data at a glance. This level of visibility ensures that you can confidently make data-driven decisions and maintain a high level of trust in your data.

Prepare hierarchies in your data quality rules in Snowflake

Accurity's release enables you to leverage hierarchies, allowing you to track data quality across various business owners, interfaces, or checking periods. The information is presented through intuitive data quality dashboards, making it easy to understand the performance of your data quality initiatives and take appropriate actions.

Define data integrity checks for different tables and domains

Understanding the data integrity between different elements in your Snowflake environment is crucial. Accurity allows you to define data integrity checks for different tables and domains, providing you with valuable insights into the consistency and accuracy of your data. Whether you're involved in data migration processes or managing data across multiple repositories, this feature is a game-changer.

Integrate data quality management jobs into your Snowflake processing

Stop worrying about when and where to launch data quality jobs within your data quality processing engine. Accurity's automation takes care of this for you, seamlessly integrating data quality management jobs into your Snowflake processing tasks. This seamless integration ensures that data quality is at the forefront of your data operations, without any additional hassles.


In conclusion, Accurity Data Quality & Data Observability solution's latest release has changed data quality management for Snowflake users. With automated monitoring, customizable rules, AI-driven techniques, and integrated data quality jobs, businesses can confidently govern their data and gain valuable insights into its quality. Embrace the power of Accurity and take your data quality management to new heights!

In addition to Snowflake, the Accurity Data Quality and Data Observability solution is equipped with connectors for Postgres, Oracle, MS SQL, Teradata, or REST API. This empowers you to govern your data with confidence. With automated monitoring, custom rules, and actionable insights, this integration ensures a seamless data quality management experience, regardless of your preferred data source. Embrace Accurity's robust capabilities and elevate your data-driven decision-making to new heights.

Make the most of this update by integrating Accurity Data Quality & Data Observability solution into your Snowflake environment today and start with our free trial version. Experience the convenience of automated data quality management and empower your team to make data-driven decisions with utmost confidence. Trust Accurity to safeguard the accuracy and integrity of your data, ensuring a successful and future-proof business strategy. Get your free demo to get to know Accurity.

Dana Tousova
VP Marketing

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