Data Lineage accelerates business efficiency

Knowing the journey your data takes from its creation through all its transformations is not only often a regulatory necessity, but also accelerates impact assessments and analytical tasks. But data lineage is not restricted to technical aspects. The linkage of glossaries or business data models to its technical assets enable business users to quickly access desired information and provides a holistic business view on the data of an organization and its relation to business processes.

What is data lineage?

At Simplity we recognize two types of data lineage. First, business lineage or traceability, enables business users to discover business objects in the various places of a technical architecture. It provides the ability to assess and visualize which data and systems are involved in business processes.

Technical lineage on the other hand describes how data flows through the various layers of the architecture of your organization from the source systems to the final reports. It is a collection of metadata that shows what kind of operations and transformations are performed during the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes.

Accurity helps you to visualize and maintain the relations between business processes and your data assets by linking them to your Business Glossary. This allows full business lineage and thorough and quick impact assessments.

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Data Lineage lets you unlock the value in your data

Business impact

Immediately see which business processes are impacted by changes in your systems. Easily identify the data needed to run your daily operations.

Data governance

Having a company-wide Business Glossary and Data Catalog combined with data lineage greatly improves your company's data governance. Know what data is stored where and what processes it impacts, in an instant.

Compliance and traceability

Data lineage also vastly improves your data traceability allowing you to comply with data regulations such as BCBS 239, GDPR, and CCPA. Easily see where data is used in processes and avoid substantial, non-compliance fines.

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Accelerate integration

A detailed and structured business lineage can be leveraged as templates for technical specifications and therefore directly accelerates your development efforts.

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Accurity has you covered

Business process visualization

Visualize the dependencies of business processes to your data assets by connecting it to your Business Glossary. Speed up your work with sophisticated impact analysis based on changes in data sets, systems, or processes.

Data lineage diagrams

Users can easily see how business terms are related to their data catalog (data structure or data fields). You get a graphical representation of these relations, and you can trace your business objects to all its representations in your systems.

Data quality drill down

With Accurity, you can carry out root-cause analysis of data quality issues via our dashboards. Simply drill down to the cause of the quality issue. Thanks to business lineage, you can immediately see which business processes are impacted by data quality problems.

What our customers say

I am satisfied with Accurity Glossary. It is something new, which has a vision on how to put together all relevant information. I like working with it and would recommend it.

Cristian Cengher

Product Owner Cross Border Payments

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