Leverage the value of your data with data governance

Companies have access to a wide variety of data from various sources in different formats and it is easy to lose the overview of what information is available. In addition, poor data quality devalues reporting and analytical endeavors. The starting point to effectively manage data and to increase its value is the implementation of effective data governance processes.

What is data governance?

Data governance incorporates a set of processes, roles, policies, standards, and metrics that enable the effective and efficient use of information. It is the practice of identifying important data across an organization, ensuring high data quality, and improving its value to business. Primary tasks include capturing the meaning of data available in a company ideally in a structured way in the form of a glossary and business data model, attaining a comprehensive overview of the current state of data quality, and the standardization of business domain values across an organization.

Accurity is a data governance platform specifically designed to support these tasks and processes. It helps to easily organize business terms and relate them to your data catalog and business processes. Moreover, it offers the possibility to efficiently monitor data quality and to organize reference data.

Cornerstone of data governance initiative

BRD implemented a central management application for storing all business data definitions with all required metadata and links to the physical location of the data.


Data governance extracts and improves the value of your data

Data quality issue tracking icon

Data quality monitoring

Continuously improve data quality in accordance with your data governance policies. Quickly assess the overall state of data processing in your company by using aggregated checks.

Resolve data silos icon

Resolve data silos

Business term harmonization leads to a company-wide language that not only improves the communication between business departments and IT, but it also creates a joint understanding, shares knowledge, and resolves isolated data islands.

Reference data management

Integrating data from various sources requires standardizing and managing classifications and hierarchies across systems and business departments.

Compliance and traceability

Business glossary combined with data lineage allows you to comply with data regulations such as BCBS 239, GDPR, and CCPA. Easily see where data is used in processes and avoid substantial, non-compliance fines.

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Accurity has you covered

Data quality interactive dashboards | Screenshot | Accurity data intelligence software platform | Data Quality and Data Observability solution

Data quality and data observability

Implement data quality rules and use automated monitoring to quickly discover any data quality issues. Increase confidence in company decisions by basing them on accurate data.

Business term "Active Customer" data lineage | Screenshot | Accurity data intelligence software platform | Business Glossary and Data Catalog solution

Business glossary and data catalog

Easily define a harmonized, organization-wide business terminology and link it to all its technical data representations across all layers of your data architecture.

Defining a validation rule | Screenshot | Accurity data intelligence software platform | Reference Data Management solution

Reference data management

Define, harmonize, and maintain lists of values, lookup tables, or complex hierarchies across the organization and ensure that all data can be understood.

What our customers say

Accurity Glossary is the cornerstone of our Data Governance strategy. It is helping to disseminate the data governance culture throughout BRD pushing people to think about data quality, trustability, definitions, and usability."

Daniel Marin

Chief Data Officer

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