BCBS 239 compliance with Accurity

The BCBS 239 standard lays out principles designed to strengthen data governance processes, risk data aggregation, and risk reporting across the banking industry. Although originally aimed at Global (G-SIBs2) institutions, many national supervisors are now requiring the same standards from Domestic (D-SIBs3) institutions.

BCBS 239 implementation – turning risk into reward

Banks should be compliant with all principles set out in the standard, including infrastructure and capacities that they should have in place. Implementing BCBS 239 principles also brings many rewards by greatly improving risk management and decision-making processes across the institution.

Cornerstone of data governance initiative

BRD implemented a central management application for storing all business data definitions with all required metadata and links to the physical location of the data.


How Accurity can help

Business glossary icon

Accurity Glossary

Accurity Glossary enables you to define a harmonized, organization-wide business terminology, which simplifies communication between departments and helps to accelerate Data Governance processes.

Accurity Quality

Accurity Quality facilitates profiling, monitoring, controlling, and reporting on data quality and related events through an integrated technology platform.

Cross-platform integration

Accurity can connect with multiple data sources and end-user reporting tools, offering important integrations for business-critical data and decision making.

Multiple support areas

Accurity products, as well as Simplity’s consultancy services, can provide support for Data Governance, Data Architecture, Accuracy and Integrity, Completeness, and Adaptability.

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Accurity has you covered

Business term "Active Customer" data lineage | Screenshot | Accurity data intelligence software platform | Business Glossary and Data Catalog solution

Business glossary and data catalog

Harmonize your data to provide a common understanding among business units. Fulfill regulatory requirements and enable the business to make better use of data. Support your data governance processes and achieve cost savings when starting new projects or onboarding new personnel. Improve traceability without complex IT solutions via simple impact analysis and data lineage.

Data quality interactive dashboards | Screenshot | Accurity data intelligence software platform | Data Quality and Data Observability solution

Data quality and data observability

Enhance your regular data quality measurements and reporting using business-defined checks and rules. Improve your decisions based on accurate data with rapid discovery and triggering of new issues. Be in control with reporting dashboards, scorecards, and trends over time.

Defining a validation rule | Screenshot | Accurity data intelligence software platform | Reference Data Management solution

Reference data management

Reduce your costs by maintaining reference data in one system. Easily identify and address the impact of changing reference data content on other reference data entities. Produce consolidated reports quickly by having all reference data in one place. Remove redundant IT implementations normally needed for reference data maintenance across multiple systems.

What our customers say

Thanks to the awareness Accurity helps spread about data quality, we no longer encounter the data quality issues that we fixed in the past. Data quality rules have become enshrined in the data entry process. I firmly believe that if we had rules over all our data, there would be no bad data quality in our reporting whatsoever.

Daniel Grund

Head of BI & DWH

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