Active metadata management

Active metadata contribute to your ability to understand how your organization works from the inside and uses data to work efficiently. Do not underestimate the danger of working with data with a blindfold on – instead, start managing your active metadata.

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What is active metadata management

Metadata in themselves are “data about data”. They tell you what types of data you have and where your data is stored. It is information to further define information. That alone is good to have, and provides insight, but it does not present a great benefit to effectivization.

Active metadata is not just “data about data”. It is “data about how data is used”, “data about where data touches other data”, “data about the business impact of data”, and “data about what is the meaning of data”. Active metadata never stays static. It evolves and maps out the entirety of your data infrastructure as if it were a city that you can watch and analyze.

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Continuously processing

Active metadata presents a way to enrich the insights into data with every bit of metadata you add. Metadata management is a puzzle, and with every new metadata piece you get a more valuable view over the whole picture.

Continuously accessible

Accurity is connectable to everything! Using our powerful API, we are able to harvest metadata from other tools you are already using and parse metadata to tools that are further down the workflow.

Metadata intelligence

Metadata can turn into invaluable support to data and business intelligence. From providing metric definitions directly to BI tools, to reaching business model understanding via knowledge graphs, to discovery of statistical insights with data profiling.

Supporting actions

Active metadata are not to be just gathered. They are to be used to enhance the way you work with data. Active metadata allow you to make decisions, understand context and connections, and perform impact and root cause analyses.

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Accurity has you covered

BI tools enrichment

Bring the benefits of active metadata to business users. Enrich your web-based BI tools with the meaning of data and provide easy access to information about the context of reporting metrics.

Knowledge graphs

Know what data are connected together – not only in a database, but in your company’s business model.

Impact analysis

Discover how data affects business processes and how their changes in turn can affect your data.

What our customers say

We’ve done a lot of research finding a product that is able to solve one of our media industries’ biggest pain points: Efficient metadata handling across various systems and databases. These folks from Simplity have just nailed it with Accurity. Happy working with their experienced staff to ramp up the foundation of our digital supply chain.

Simon Zsebök

VP Digital Innovation

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