Reference data management

Standardize domain values of all systems to business relatable values. Maintain lists of values, hierarchies, mapping tables, etc. and ensure that all data can be understood.

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Compliance made easier

Prevent regulatory non-compliance by utilizing company-wide standardized reference values.

List of values

Create a single point of truth of shared business domains in your company to prevent inconsistent reporting. Standardize different reference data representations across different data domains. Easily view historical versions of your reference data. Set up validation rules, which will restrict the values you can enter to the data.

Mapping tables

Assign source-specific reference data codes to standardized business domains. Historical versions show how reference data changed over time.

Run monitoring

Migrate your existing reference data solution into Accurity with automatic imports from Excel or from your existing database. See all completed import tasks, view which files were imported and when for full traceability, and easily view which imports failed and why with audit logs.