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Regulatory compliance for privacy, security, storage, and management is no longer the only driver for data governance initiatives. The shift to digital banking is bringing new challenges for customer 360 view, portfolio management, and fraud detection.

Accurity is flexible enough to support your needs whether it is regulatory compliance, standard auditing and controlling, risk management, modelling, or fraud detection. It can also help enhance the business value of your data so that you remain competitive or increase the efficiency of your teams when starting new projects or onboarding new team members.

As a company, we have over 12+ years of experience in data warehouse and business intelligence projects in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector. We used this domain knowledge to develop the Accurity platform.

Cornerstone of data governance initiative

BRD implemented a central management application for storing all business data definitions with all required metadata and links to the physical location of the data.


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How Accurity helps financial services companies

Improved control and efficiency

Eliminate data silos plus clean and harmonize data to create the opportunity for consolidated reporting across your organization. Have better control over migrations by moving clean and accurate data to the cloud. Achieve faster launch of new projects and onboarding of new teams to reporting.

Digital transformation and innovation

Enable your data to innovate and focus on the digital domain, enhancing the customer experience, and providing personalization opportunities. Drive the definition and mapping of all your business data for better decision making.

Regulatory compliance

Enable your teams to have better control over the data and manage sensitive information and consents. Support data governance initiatives driven by regulatory requirements e.g., BCBS 239, CCAR, Liquidity 5G, and ISO 20022.

Risk management

Understand the impact of data quality issues and data breaches. Ensure critical governance with important internal controls, metrics, and reports. All supporting fraud detection, anti-money laundering (AML), and changes in legislation and regulation.

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Accurity is an effective data intelligence platform

Business term "Active Customer" data lineage | Screenshot | Accurity data intelligence software platform

Business glossary and data catalog

Harmonize your data to provide a common understanding among business units. Fulfill regulatory requirements and enable the business to make better use of data. Support your data governance processes and achieve cost savings when starting new projects or onboarding new personnel. Improve traceability without complex IT solutions via simple impact analysis and data lineage.

Screenshot | Accurity data intelligence software platform | Data Quality Monitoring solution

Data quality management

Enhance your regular data quality measurements and reporting using business-defined checks and rules. Improve your decisions based on accurate data with rapid discovery and triggering of new issues. Be in control with reporting dashboards, scorecards, and trends over time.

Screenshot | Accurity data intelligence software platform | Reference Data Management solution

Reference data management

Reduce your costs by maintaining reference data in one system. Easily identify and address the impact of changing reference data content on other reference data entities. Produce consolidated reports quickly by having all reference data in one place. Remove redundant IT implementations normally needed for reference data maintenance across multiple systems.

Professional services

With our 12+ years of experience, expertise, and knowledge Simplity can partner with you at any stage of your organization's data intelligence project, large or small, from initial integration, structure, and modelling phases to analytics, customer loyalty, revenue improvements, cost reductions, or compliance.

What our customers think

Accurity Glossary is the cornerstone of our Data Governance strategy. It is helping to disseminate the data governance culture throughout BRD pushing people to think about data quality, trustability, definitions, and usability."

Daniel Marin

Chief Data Officer

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Get to know Accurity with an introduction from our product experts.