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  • Clear master system for reference data.
  • Reduced costs by maintaining reference data in one system instead of having to unify, reconcile, and maintain different versions in different places.
  • Easily identify and address the impact of changing reference data content on other reference data entities.
  • Produce consolidated reports quickly by having all reference data in one place.
  • Remove redundant IT implementations normally needed for reference data maintenance across multiple systems.

Top features

Reference data management

Define, harmonize, and maintain company reference data (lists of values, hierarchies and lookups) by using reference entities, attributes, attribute definitions, and reference data content.

Business rules

Check reference data content against defined validation business rules or automatically maintain and update data in accordance with defined update business rules.

Multitenant design

Reusability and maintenance of reference data cross companies without over-complicating single-company setups.


Generate tasks according to responsibility assignment based on defined business rules.

Auditable history of changes

Any change in the definition of reference entities or data content is kept and can be audited.

Data stewardship assignment

Assign responsibilities for defining reference entities and their properties as well as maintaining and visualizing reference data content ensuring its transparency.


Generate notifications depending on business thresholds or encountered errors.

Visualization of hierarchies

Drill-down/roll-up capabilities, with the possibility to define inheritance business rules.

Reference data types

Define simple lists of values, lookup tables, or complex hierarchies.

Import and export

Connect to different types of databases, import or export using Excel or CSV files.