Are you tired of business meetings getting derailed by confusing jargon and terminology? Don't worry; you're not alone! Join us for this episode of Accurity Data Vibes, where we discuss the benefits of a business glossary and why it's a game-changer for (not only) marketing teams like yours. For this session, Petr Mahdalicek, Founder & CEO at Simplity and Accurity, invited John D. Lillard PMP CSEP, Sr. Director, Technology at Transparent Partners.

Watch the 30-minute recording to learn:

  • Why we need a business glossary.

  • Differences and benefits of a business glossary compared to a data catalog or data dictionary.

  • The importance of starting small and expanding later, ensuring that your marketing team aligns terms for improved business operations and results.

  • Best practices for creating a business glossary, including roles, approach, and support.

  • What you should not forget in your business glossary, such as owners, taxonomy, traceability, and business rules.

You can expect an engaging discussion that will help you navigate the complexities of technology implementations within marketing, often masked under different tools. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into how a Business Glossary can revolutionize your communication and strategy.

Watch the recording here by clicking on the header image at the top, on LinkedIn including the comments, or on YouTube.

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