In today's interconnected world, businesses are increasingly relying on borderless data to operate effectively. However, the need to comply with complex data privacy regulations and protect sensitive information can make it challenging to manage data across borders.

Join us for the recording of Accurity Data Vibes, a live event series dedicated to all things data management, where we discuss how to empower your business with borderless data.

Event Highlights

  • Gain insights from industry experts on the latest regulatory changes driving the need for compliance.

  • Discover technologies that enable cross-border data transfers with protected data.

  • Learn how to eliminate third-party processors and their costs.

Watch the recording now to learn how to:

  • Navigate the complex landscape of cross-border data regulations.

  • Protect sensitive information while enabling data mobility.

  • Achieve business goals by leveraging borderless data.

About the Speakers

  • Marco Pablo Carmona Berté, Director of Solution Engineering, EMEA at Protegrity

  • Petr Mahdalicek, CEO of Accurity and Simplity

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from leading experts in borderless data management.

Watch the recording here by clicking on the header image at the top, on LinkedIn including the comments, or on YouTube.

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