Business Glossary

Describe and provide a company-wide and company-specific common language documented as harmonized business terms and get a complete overview of all data structures and elements related to your business “projects” that covers all layers of your data structures.


Top new features added to Business Glossary

Multiple data sources

Connect your Oracle, MS SQL, Teradata, PostgresSQL, or Excel databases straight to Business Glossary and create a data structure with its data fields automatically retrieved. Added April 2021

Related reference values

Easily specify reference values for your business terms, including their value descriptions. The related reference values can also be searched via global search. Added April 2021


Collaborate on object definitions with Commenting. Add, update, remove, and track comments and turn on email notifications to be updated about any comment changes. Added March 2021

Remember me

When signing in, the application can now remember your credentials, so you don't need to sign in each time. It will sign you out automatically after 30 days of inactivity. Added March 2021

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* 500 Business Terms available in the free version

Use cases

Business glossary harmonization

Consolidate your company-wide terminology across departments and get everyone on the same page.

Data catalog

Complete organized inventory of company-data assets, including data structures and elements in all layers of your architecture.

Business-term reverse engineering

Based on source structures and attached metadata information, create a draft version of business term candidates to accelerate the term-definition process.

Business terms lineage and traceability

Understand how business terms are related to each other and to your data catalog.

Upcoming new features

Business rules

Define business rules based on business terms.

Process workflow

Orchestrate your approval process steps and assign responsibilities.

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