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  • Regular data quality measurements and reporting.
  • Business-defined checks and rules.
  • Decisions based on accurate data (known data quality level).
  • Rapid discovery and triggering of new issues.
  • DQ improvements based on check results.
  • Reporting dashboards, scorecards and trends over time.
  • Checks applicable to various data sources.

Top features

Data quality measurements

Apply specific measurements on any kind of data (numerical, text, or time) by using basic measurements, data integrity analyses, or data quality rules.

Measurement automation

Automate and schedule your regular data quality checks and analysis to ensure your data quality fulfils your expectations.

Customizable dashboards

Adjust dashboards according to your individual needs and find out at a glance the current state of your data.

Drill through

Track problems to their sources by drilling down from the main dashboard to the atomic measurement.


Receive notifications if something goes wrong and eliminate critical situations.


Make your own hierarchy of checks and add particular levels to your dashboards.

Trend-based charts

Watch how data patterns have evolved in real time, track data quality trends, and see future projections.

External calling

Use the command line in order to launch and receive results for any kind of data quality check.

All kinds of sources

Connect to all existing database platforms or Excel files.

Consolidated data quality

J&T standardized and consolidated data quality rules with increased interest from business in just four months with Accurity Quality.