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A Free Trial of Accurity Data Quality & Data Observability Now Available

Dana Tousova
December 7, 2022 | 7 min read
Recently, organizations have been putting an increased focus on data quality as they use data insights to help drive business decisions. Following the demand from our customers, we are introducing a 14-day free trial version of our Accurity data quality and data observability solution.

Data quality and data observability

Our data quality and data observability solution has been available for a while. It is already helping data consumers to know the quality of their data and drive data quality improvements accordingly. For us at Accurity, the paramount approach to data quality is to involve business consumers in defining data quality rules. Let the business data consumers define their business needs and metrics, then get a framework to set the data quality rules within this business perspective for better data-driven decisions. We dedicated an article to why data quality monitoring is not only about measurements, describing the opportunity to put the business processes at the center and apply data quality solutions to the wider spectrum of business scenarios and data domains.

“Data quality is directly linked to the quality of decision making”, says Melody Chien, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner. “Good quality data provides better leads, better understanding of customers and better customer relationships. Data quality is a competitive advantage that D&A leaders need to improve upon continuously.” (Source: Gartner.)

We have summarized the latest trends on the data quality market, and the importance they bring to organizations, in a recent blog post, based on the insights from how data quality is perceived by Gartner, Forrester, and other analysts.

Besides the benefits on the level of data initiatives and overall business impacts, data quality and data observability will enable your team to:

  • Automate your data quality monitoring, detect anomalies, and predict the future status of data quality for risk mitigation, fraud prevention, and better business results.

  • Automate and include data quality monitoring into your processes – we have a deep dive into ensuring the metrics on your report will be calculated properly.

  • Have better control over migrated data.

To get you started with the Accurity data quality solution, we have put together some introductory videos:

  1. Aggregate Checks video

  2. Interactive Dashboards video

Our customers, including J&T Banka, have used the Accurity data quality solution. J&T standardized and consolidated data quality rules with increased interest from business in just four months with our tools. J&T’s Head of BI & DWH, Daniel Grund, said: “Accurity successfully delivered the new data quality solution, utilizing Accurity Quality, within the agreed four-month timeline, enabling J&T Bank to comply with regulations and meet the highest data quality standards, as well as allowing business users and executives to benefit from the system.” Read the J&T Banka data quality customer story.

Pricing and proof-of-concept

Accurity data quality and data observability is available with scalable pricing across three business plans – Professional, Premium, and Custom. These are scaled based on features, object counts, support levels, number of editors, and other specific customizations.

The Accurity data catalog is included within the data quality Professional and Premium business plans. However, you can benefit from the Accurity data quality and data observability solution even when using data catalogs from other vendors like Alation, Atlan,, or others. We also offer REST API connectivity to connect with any data catalog you are using.

You can now sign up for your free 14-day trial of Accurity data quality and data observability. If you start your trial and discover you need more time for assessment and to evaluate its capabilities in your particular environment, we also offer a proof-of-concept package for two months with DevOps, product analyst, and professional services support.

The framework to get you started

In case you are about to start a data quality initiative as part of your data governance journey, you might need guidance for the first steps to setting up such a framework. To help you, we have put together a whitepaper summarizing how to establish a data quality management framework. Our whitepaper helps you understand the purpose and added value of data quality management, what types of common data quality issues exist, and what are data quality dimensions. It guides you through the steps needed to establish a good data quality management framework – get your free data quality management step-by-step guide.

Our whitepaper also illustrates where data quality belongs within data governance:

Diagram showing the position of Data Quality Management in data governance | Accurity data intelligence software platform | Data Quality and Data Observability solution

A framework, a trial, and a scalable solution

Increasing the trust in your data by knowing the quality of the data is important. You will need a data quality management framework to start implementing data quality rules and monitor the outcomes over time. By trialing our data quality and data observability solution, you will be able to create intuitive, customizable dashboards enabling business users to analyze the issues and check the available data.

Or would you rather see the solution in action while discussing your use case with our product experts? No problem, get a free Accurity demo, and we will walk you through our platform, discuss your needs, and find the best solution for your use case.

Dana Tousova
VP Marketing